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Tiger Stadium A Go Go.

So the glory days of Tiger Stadium are long gone, and soon the stadium will be gone along with it. From talks to the building being turned into a minor league teams home turf, condominiums or the ever present eyesore nobody can deny the fact that soon Tiger Stadium will no longer exist.

I’m not that old but I’m old enough to have some memories of the old ball park, all of which seem to be in the outfield bleachers. I’ve been there on family trips and on boozing days with my pals as a punk teenager. There is no doubt that fun was had in those bleachers. I’ve heard stories from “old timers” about how they used to actually let you bring your own beer into the park, which you could never get away with at the new home of the Tigers Comerica Park. So although they glory days of basking in the bleachers under the blistering sun watching Tiger greats like  or even at home listening to the games with  the voice of the Tigers, the spirit of Tiger Stadium will forever live on.

Comerica Park will inturn create its own glory days and in many years from now also be turned into dust, but until then will just have to wait and see what the future has in store the park, the team and their devoted fans.

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