Cupids can be fat and hairy, can’t they?

the walrus of love

So right now I’m doing a series on local jazz performers and street musicians. This piece kind of came as a spin off of that. There was this lady singing with this band at Baker’s keyboard lounge in Detroit. Between sets she started reciting this free verse poem about love. Essentially it dealt with how she was in love with this man and she just couldn’t keep him out of her mind. Contently saying “love makes me sick” throughout the poem. At the end of her poem after proclaiming how much she hates this guy, and never wants to see him she states ” but I have to go get cute he’s coming over at three.” I found it to be a very funny and true to life poem. So from that, as random as it may seem spawned this fat, hairy cupid dude playing a mandolin. So here is a horrible pic of it until I’m done.


2 responses to “Cupids can be fat and hairy, can’t they?

  1. looks like im the first one to say something… but besides that, its fantastic

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